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Would You Sabotage Your Own Cheating Spouse Surveillance?
You Can Be Disqualified for a Job Because of Your Facebook or Twitter Account
The 10 Most Popular iPhone Passwords
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Can a Private Investigator Guarantee Results?

Recently, a client called and requested surveillance for a spousal infidelity matter in Daytona Beach. While speaking with the individual, he stated that he had spoken to another private investigator that had “guaranteed” results. Basically, the other investigator advised the client that they would “nail her cheating”. I told the client he should be wary of any investigator that “promises results”.
When a client hires us to look into any matter, we expend time and resources trying to get to the bottom of the situation.

The 10 Most Popular iPhone Passwords

If one of the below passwords is yours, change it today. The below list is from an article in TIME magazine by Chris Gayomali
and deals with iPhone passwords, though it seems likely that any cellphone applies.

"From a sample size of 204,508 passwords, these turned out to be the top 10 most frequently used:"

1. “1234”
2. “0000”
3. “2580”
4. “1111”
5. “5555”
6. “5683”
7. “0852”
8. “2222”
9. “1212”
10. “1998”

To read the full article, click here.

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Don't Play Defense in Your Divorce!

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. We've all heard this sage advice, yet many people facing a divorce don't heed it. The "best defense is a good offense". That's an old adage as well. Many people that are going through a divorce, or about to, take a defensive posture that is hard to overcome once the divorce is in full swing. If you suspect your spouse may file for divorce, don't wait till it is too late to get the evidence you need. That evidence may be locating hidden bank accounts or getting tape of the other spouse having an affair.

How to Spot a Fake Facebook User

by Robert Scott, P.I.

As Facebook recently prepared to sell company stock for the first time, it was required to make numerous legal disclosures in Securities and Exchange Commission filings. Buried in the fine print was a bombshell: The social network has an estimated 83 million fake user profiles. This equates to nearly 9% of the social network's 955 million total users.Facebook estimates roughly half of the fake users are duplicate accounts -- people who maintain more than one Facebook account.

You Can Be Disqualified for a Job Because of Your Facebook or Twitter Account

What information is available about you online? If you were applying for a job, could you be disqualified due to the content on your Facebook, Twitter or YouTube accounts. Believe it or not, it happens everyday. Recruiters routinely research a candidate's online presence. It appears that resumes are quickly being replaced by online profiles.
Many job seekers maintain numerous online profiles. Whether the candidate submitted a resume directly to an employer or the employer located the candidate's profile online, employers are continuing their research through the use of online information about the candidate.

Rick Raymond P.I. Launches Mobile Website

Florida Private Investigator Rick Raymond has launched the mobile website associated with Rick Raymond Investigations. The mobile website is compatible with Androids, iPhones and iPads as well as most smartphones that support the mobile website technology.
The mobile website address is Or feel free to scan the QR code below with your mobile device:
Rick Raymond Investigations Mobile Website

Veteran Florida P.I. Rick Raymond Authors Book

"Wearing a Camo Shirt Does NOT Make You Invisible...A Practical Guide to Wood Line Surveillance" is the title of a new eBook authored by Florida Private Investigator Rick Raymond. Rick draws on his nearly 15 years of wood line investigative experience in this informative and revealing manual for private investigators. The manual addresses the specialized area of wood line surveillance. Wood line surveillance is surveillance conducted in a specific location where the investigator must be completely concealed within a wooded area.

The Truth About Online Background Checks

We've all seen them. The ads that pop up on search pages touting that they can "find anyone" in just one click. For just $19.99 you can locate the long lost high school girlfriend or boyfriend, you can find out anything on anyone or you can run a nationwide criminal records search. Other ads claim that they can get all information on a person including addresses, vehicles, spouses, related persons and court records from $20 to $60. Can it be true? Can you really get all this great information for those prices?

How to Reduce Alimony Payments in Florida

In Florida, there are six types of alimony. They are Permanent, Rehabilitative, Durational, Bridge-The-Gap, Temporary and Lump Sum alimony. Specific information on Florida Alimony law can be found in Florida State Statutes Section 61.08. For our purposes we will generally refer to all as simply: Alimony.
If you have been ordered by the court to pay alimony, you are considered the Payor. The person who receives alimony is considered the Payee. Alimony is money paid to an ex-spouse for the purpose of maintaining a standard of living and obtaining training or job skills.

Would You Sabotage Your Own Cheating Spouse Surveillance?

Believe it or not, we have had clients ask us to do surveillance on their spouses, only to ruin it for themselves by alerting the spouse to the surveillance before or during the assignment. It really is a strange phenomena.
We once had an assignment to perform surveillance on a man who was suspected of having an affair with his old girlfriend. His wife called and provided all the information about her husband and the potential girlfriend. While the private investigator was obtaining videotape of the husband having dinner with and kissing the "other woman", the wife called him and told him she knew he was cheating and she had paid a private investigator in Daytona to document his activities.