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How to Select a Professional Florida Private Investigator

Generally, when people need the assistance of a professional Florida private investigator, their life is undergoing turmoil and change. These changes can include divorce, child custody issues, criminal arrests or a missing loved one. In these instances, a professional Florida private investigator can assist in many ways. The key is to find a very competent and skilled investigator. The selection process is much like the process one goes through in finding a good attorney. Most attorneys have specialties. Some work in family law while others specialize in criminal defense or personal injury. Florida Private investigators have specialties as well. Some investigators excel at surveillance when others may be more skilled at locating missing persons. The first step is to call the investigator and ask what types of cases they handle. Always make sure the investigator will handle your case directly and not sub-contract it to an investigator you do not know. Ask how long the investigator has been in business. In Florida, you can check to make sure the Florida investigator is licensed properly through the Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer services website. You can also check to see if the investigator has ever been disciplined for any wrongdoing through the same agency. By law, investigators are required to maintain strict confidentiality with regard to their clients and cases. This can make it difficult in obtaining references, however you should be able to get a good idea of the investigator's competency by asking specific questions regarding your case and the possible outcomes and results you can expect. As with all other types of services, prices can vary depending on the area you live in, the investigator's skill level and experience and the type of service you require. The old adage of "you get what you pay for" certainly rings true when it comes to legal and investigative services. Ask about charges up front. At Daytona, Florida P.I. Rick Raymond Investigations, we offer flat-rate pricing on most services. Flat-Rate pricing benefits the client as they immediately know exactly how much the service will cost them and there are no hidden fees or expenses in the end. Lastly, make sure to get a service contract at the outset. A good service contract protects both you and the Florida private investigator and will ensure a healthy business relationship.  - A boutique Florida P.I. firm for discriminating clients.