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Investigating Trash in Florida - What is a Trash Pull?

A "trash pull" is a term commonly used in the investigative profession. Many people have no idea what a "trash pull" is. A trash pull is the process that a professional investigator uses to collect a subject's discarded trash. The investigator then takes the trash to a private location and goes through it piece by piece in an effort to locate helpful information about the subject of the investigation. For instance, in an infidelity investigation, the investigator may locate receipts for hidden purchases, cell phone bills, discarded photographs or love letters. This is also valuable in insurance claim investigations and corporate investigations. No trash is immune from the professional private investigator. The courts have upheld that once trash is placed on the street, it is considered "abandoned" and therefore it is fair game. In our investigations in Florida, we have obtained very helpful evidence through the use of trash pulls. In one corporate case, we had an employee attempting to violate a non-compete agreement by contacting the competing business and providing them with trade secrets. We found evidence of this in the competing business' trash. Our investigators obtained film negatives in an insurance claimant's trash that (when developed) revealed our injured worker water skiing. In a recent infidelity investigation , we located cell phone records revealing multiple calls and texts to a married woman's lover in her trash. Regardless of the specific type of case, often a strategic trash pull can make the difference. If Rick Raymond Investigations can assist you with your Florida investigative needs, call today!
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