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Would You Sabotage Your Own Cheating Spouse Surveillance?

Believe it or not, we have had clients ask us to do surveillance on their spouses, only to ruin it for themselves by alerting the spouse to the surveillance before or during the assignment. It really is a strange phenomena.
We once had an assignment to perform surveillance on a man who was suspected of having an affair with his old girlfriend. His wife called and provided all the information about her husband and the potential girlfriend. While the private investigator was obtaining videotape of the husband having dinner with and kissing the "other woman", the wife called him and told him she knew he was cheating and she had paid a private investigator in Daytona to document his activities. He immediately began looking around for the investigator.
Not only does this pose a safety issue for the private investigator, the client effectively "cut off her nose to spite her face." Should she decide to divorce her husband, he will be well prepared in court to defend himself because he now knows what evidence his wife has against him. Additionally, he can better "cover his tracks" with regard to frivolous spending (marital waste) claims from the wife. What many people don't know is that the money spent by a cheating spouse to maintain an affair (flowers for the girlfriend, hotels, romantic dinners, jewelry, etc...) is money that also belongs to the other spouse as well. A spouse who has been cheated on can file a valid claim in court for that money. The only thing accomplished by alerting a cheating spouse that you are aware of their infidelity is that you allow the cheater to become better at it and/or cover up the affair and money spent on it.
The cheating spouse should find out that you know about the affair from your attorney. The evidence obtained during a cheating spouse investigation is very valuable to a client and can assist in divorce proceedings, marital waste claims and child custody matters. To alert your spouse that you know he/she is cheating before you have all the evidence makes no sense whatsoever. One can only suspect that the client who does that is either highly emotional...or doesn't really want to face the fact that they have a spouse who is cheating them in the first place.
If you have a situation where you think your spouse is having an affair, ask yourself what you want to do. Would you want to salvage your marriage? Would you file for divorce? It is important to know what you want to happen before you consider hiring a Florida private investigator or an attorney.
In addition to surveillance, our Daytona private investigators can also assist in verifying assets your spouse may be hiding, obtaining emails and chat messages sent or received from the girlfriend or boyfriend and several other services that will better prepare you for court hearings involving divorce, distribution of assets and child custody.
We are Daytona Beach based private investigators, however, we cover the entire State of Florida and stand ready to assist you in Jacksonville, Orlando, St. Augustine, Miami, Tampa and all areas in between. Our surveillance rates, in most cases, are flat rate assignments so you know how much it will cost you up front. No hidden fees or charges.
Call us at (386) 259-0570 or visit us online at for a free and confidential consultation.