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Veteran Florida P.I. Rick Raymond Authors Book

"Wearing a Camo Shirt Does NOT Make You Invisible...A Practical Guide to Wood Line Surveillance" is the title of a new eBook authored by Florida Private Investigator Rick Raymond. Rick draws on his nearly 15 years of wood line investigative experience in this informative and revealing manual for private investigators. The manual addresses the specialized area of wood line surveillance. Wood line surveillance is surveillance conducted in a specific location where the investigator must be completely concealed within a wooded area. Investigators utilize full camouflage clothing and covert equipment when carrying out this dangerous type of surveillance. Rick has conducted thousands of hours of wood line surveillance from Florida to New York State and even conducted successful wood line surveillance for 45 consecutive days in the Okefenokee Swamp in South Georgia. The guide includes the proper procedure to determine if wood line surveillance is appropriate, the required gear & equipment and many other tips and pointers to make your wood line surveillance legal, safe and successful. The eGuide can be found here.