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Don't Play Defense in Your Divorce!

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. We've all heard this sage advice, yet many people facing a divorce don't heed it. The "best defense is a good offense". That's an old adage as well. Many people that are going through a divorce, or about to, take a defensive posture that is hard to overcome once the divorce is in full swing. If you suspect your spouse may file for divorce, don't wait till it is too late to get the evidence you need. That evidence may be locating hidden bank accounts or getting tape of the other spouse having an affair. It is much harder to get these things once a divorce proceeding has begun as the other party is starting to circle the wagons.

I once heard the saying that "People get married for love and divorced for money". If that is the case, then start treating the divorce process as a business deal. It is very difficult to cut emotions out of situations like this, but those that are able to do so, are often in a better legal position during a divorce.

The best time to obtain the evidence needed to place yourself in an advantageous position during a divorce is before the other spouse suspects that a divorce will even take place. Avoid the urge to spill your guts and tell the cheating, lying spouse that you know all about the affair...or the hidden bank accounts. You have got to understand that protecting yourself is of the utmost priority. 

Of course we are all human and a divorce is a very difficult process, but the people that are able to get past the hurt and start fighting for their rights are the people that often come out on top in a divorce proceeding. It does not matter what the other party threatens you with. What is important to remember is that the "he said, she said" banter often is not allowed in court. Cold Hard Facts are what matter. If you are in need of answers, call us! We'd be happy to see if we can assist you.

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