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Hidden Camera & Audio Bug Detection (TSCM Sweeps)

Hidden Cameras and Audio Listening Devices have grown in popularity within the last decade. With advances in technology, cameras have become smaller, self-contained and more accessible to the general public. These cameras can be concealed in a multitude of everyday objects including clocks, wall decor, clothing, furniture, electronic devices and planters. The camera lens is incredibly small and is literally no larger than the "o" in this sentence.

If you believe there may be hidden cameras, voyeur cameras, concealed cameras or an audio listening device (also known as a bug) in your home or office, we can assist you in locating the cameras and any recording devices. We can also help in locating hidden Bluetooth, WiFi and GPS Tracking devices.

Utilizing specialized equipment, our private investigators can personally inspect your residence, apartment, office or vehicle for hidden cameras, bugs or tracking devices that may be used to secretly record you and your activities. If we locate any hidden cameras on your property, we can assist you in alerting the authorities and documenting the evidence and existence of the cameras/DVR/Recording devices for future related civil or criminal action against the perpetrators.

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