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Florida Lie Detector Exams - Voice Stress Analysis

Rick Raymond Investigations utilizes the VIPRE VSA which is a Law Enforcement grade Voice Stress Analyzer instrument. Developed by VIPRE Technology Group LLC, the VIPRE VSA is utilized by thousands of Law Enforcement agencies and the military throughout the United States and overseas as an alternative to the polygraph. Unlike the polygraph, the Voice Stress Analyzer has only two possible conclusions, Deceptive or Non-Deceptive, and does not have the "inconclusive" exam result like a polygraph test.

Lie Detector testing in Daytona Beach, Ormond Beach, Port Orange, Volusia County, Flagler County, Palm Coast. Private Lie detector tests. Voice Stress analysis exams in florida.

Lie Detector testing for:

  • Corporate - Civil - Criminal Cases
  • Lie detector test for cheating spouse infidelity, voice stress analysis exams in Volusia County. Florida Polygraph test. Lie detector daytona beach
  • Workers' Comp / Disability Fraud
  • Sexual Assault Allegations
  • Domestic Violence Allegations
  • Addiction Problems / Drug Use
  • Employee Theft / Embezzlement
  • Proof of Innocence - Criminal Defense
  • Pre-Employment Screening for Police & Government Agencies
  • Did you FAIL a Polygraph? - VSA is more reliable and accurate than Polygraph.

In order to understand Vago-sympathetic voice stress analysis, one needs to know that stress, when accompanied by guilt and a known consequence, will cause the body to physically react.

Everyone has experienced stress as related to deception at some point in their life. Whether being accused as a child with regards to stealing from a department store: questionable Internal Revenue Service filings or perhaps even an Infidelity issue, stress with any consequence of discovery will manifest itself demonstratively.

This stress can be overtly revealed in the form of observable reactions such as sweating, a shaky voice, dry mouth, increased body odor, runny nose, upset stomach, hives or coupled with notable body movements; i.e. body language. This overt response is commonly referred to as the "Fight or Flight Syndrome." The expression of stress however, is also more latent.

Since the Central Nervous System supports the Autonomic (Uncontrollable) branch, these latent emotions of stress will manifest in a recordable way and cannot be controlled.

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