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Asset Checks          "Follow the Money Trail!"    

Do you own a business? Does someone owe you money from a court judgment? Are you going through a divorce? Has a loved one died and left assets? If you are involved in a divorce, or if you have a judgment against a business or asset check may assist you in getting what you deserve. Our firm can search for assets in Florida and provide you with a written report of the asset itself, estimated worth, condition, etc.

This investigation is a comprehensive search for assets that an individual or business entity owns. It may include real estate, vehicles, watercraft, aircraft, business interests and other tangible property. Asset checks are helpful when entering into business ventures with other parties, during the contestation of a will, divorce proceedings, child custody/support matters, alimony cases, entering into a lawsuit and for judgment collection. Bank account information is restricted per Federal Law. We do not illegally obtain Bank Account information. 

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Rick Raymond - Florida Private Investigators

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